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Yongbum is a founder and managing partner of the firm. Prior to founding OhKims, he was a licensed dentist and worked for the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Since founding the firm, Thomas has continued to specialize his practice in the areas of biomedical, pharmaceutical, dental, and health services. With Thomas’ experience both as a medical practitioner and as a lawyer, he brings a practical perspective on medical related issues for clients, including on intellectual property, investment, and commercial transactions.

Throughout his legal career, Thomas has extensive experience advising biomedical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life science companies as well as various government entities. He has advised companies on both inbound and outbound cross-border transactions for investment and M&A. In addition, he acted as lead counsel in many legal disputes for companies in the health care sector.


2019  OhKims Law & Company

2017   OhKims Law Office

2016   Megagin Implant Corp

2014   Donga Socio Holdings


2014   Korea University Law School (J.D.)

2006   Yeonsei University (D.D.S. Doctor of Dental Surgery)


Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Industry Legal Services


  • Consulting for bio-venture company to establish an exclusive license of an anti-cancer drug.
  • Advised client on overseas clinical trial contract.
  • Consultation on medical and pharmaceutical laws for Green Cross Healthcare Company.
  • Advised Green Cross Healthcare Company on creating a regulatory sandbox.
  • Advised pharmaceutical company in regards to advertisement and business suspension by KFDA.
  • Assisted Nexen Biotech in establishing a licensing agreement.
  • Advised cancer diagnostic company on technology sharing with overseas company.
  • Advised Theracyte Inc. on licensing and commercialization agreement.
  • Legal consultations for IOBIO Co. on medical and pharmaceutical law.
  • Ahngook Pharm’s represented employee plaintiff in trade secrets case.

 Corporate Law and Investment


  • Advised on stock ownership dispute of a bio-venture company.
  • Advised company on due diligence for overseas investment in biotechnology company and investment contract.
  • Advised listed biotechnology company on disclosure regulations related to ownership changes.
  • Assisted client to establish specialized biotech investment company.
  • Lead litigation on stock options dispute for bio-venture company.
  • Authored investment contract for Green Cross Healthcare Corporation
  • Advised Syntekabio Corporation on revising its articles of incorporation.
  • Advised on repayment of redeemable convertible preferred stocks for medical company.


  • Advised on the Foreign Exchange Transaction Law for Curaden Corporation.
  • Assisted medical company in issuing new stock.
  • Consulted on investment contract for bio-venture firm developing & manufacturing contrast medium.
  • Legal consultation services for Taiwanese company.
  • Advisor for private financing for hospital corporation.
  • Advised on Foreign Exchange Transaction Law related to convertible bonds for Swiss company.
  • Advisor for Swiss company in dispute over the conversion price of convertible bonds.

Corporate Governance and M&A


  • Assisted major shareholders of a listed bio-venture firm in developing a stock sale plan.
  • Advised on acquisition of a bio-venture company.
  • Advised a clinical trial company on the overseas acquisition of a bio-venture company.
  • Advised a listed pharmaceutical company on the acquisition of a digital healthcare startup.
  • Advised a bio-venture company (developing & manufacturing contrast medium) on changing its Board of Directors
  • Consulted on investments between affiliated medical companies.
  • Assisted client in demanding general shareholder’s meeting of company.
  • Advised client in management rights dispute related to the transfer of title proceedings.


  • Advised Megagen Implant Company on the acquisition of a bio-venture startup firm.
  • Advised OBRA Creative on stock acquisition and investment of another company.
  • Defended Megagen Implant Company in case on the issuing of new shares (Daegu District Court)



  • Regularly contribute to Dental News Law’s periodic column series.
  • A Study on the Revisions to the Professional Sports Athlete Standard Contract (Korea Professional Sports Association).
  • Essential Legal Information for Hospitals (Maeil Economic Daily Newspaper)


2014   Korean Bar Admission (3rd Korean Attorney Examination)

Patent Attorney License

2014   Patent and Trademark Office of Republic of Korea


2006 Ministry of Health and Welfare of Republic of Korea


Korean (Native), English (Fluent)

OhKims LawㅣCEO: Sungheon Oh, Yongbeom Kim   

Business Licence: 349-81-01238

Seoul Office: 3F, Daegak Building, 5 Seocho-daero 78-Gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (06620)

Contact: 02-538-5886

Personal Information Manager: Inheok Song

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OhKims Law CEO: Sungheon Oh, Yongbeom Kim

 Business Licence: 349-81-01238

Seoul Office: 3F, Daegak Building, 5 Seocho-daero 78-Gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (06620)

Contact: 02-538-5886

Personal Information Manager: Inhyeok Song

Copyright ⓒ 2021 ohkimslaw.com. All Rights Reserved.